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Who are you renting from?

You often rent a home for some of the most important occasions in your life. Weddings, family reunions, or simply a relaxing vacation, your accommodations will have a huge impact on your overall experience. You deserve to know you are renting from some one you can trust. 

So with that, hello! I'm Richard Raymond, your proud host. I bought my first house out of foreclosure in 2017 when I was 25 years old. It was a duplex that I had intended to remodel, live in one side and rent the other to help cover the mortgage. You could say the remodel went a little over budget and after the dust settled I had both units of the duplex on the short term rental market to make up for some of the upfront remodel cost. 

I found that I loved the short term rental business. Meeting people from around the world and hearing how excited they were to find my house for their family, their bachelorette party, etc. was much more satisfying than simply renting the unit on a 12 month lease. 

I purchased my second property about one year later and continued to grow my portfolio as well as my experience and expertise. I am now proud to say that I believe I offer (along with some help) some of the best short term rentals in Minneapolis. 

Outside of real estate, I work full time as an engineer for an automation design firm just outside the city. I love traveling, particularly abroad or to somewhere in nature where I can ski, camp or have a good hike with a view. 

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